A Tumbo Style Fashion Blogg...

There are a lot of fashion Bloggs out there. Obviously people are very interested in what other people wear – and why. Maybe the same goes for my readers, I ask myself? If so – here is a fashion blog in Tumbo Style!
Even I have been very focused on clothes this winter – and my interest has been in earnest – believe me! Without my special favourites i would have just died – or pretty close in some cases. And without some of my accessories I really don´t know how HOW i would have been able to go to work!

Let me start with my very best bargain buy – ever! In temperatures below – 15 Celsius extreme gear is required in the deep woods of Malexander. Especially around the bum-area...On an exceptionally cold Saturday I received a tip about the warmest trousers in the world from my former neighbour Anders:

Swedish army padded pants – comes in all size and shapes but only one shade of green! Only 125 SEK from the Army Surplus Store in Skänninge – run and buy some now – there is another winter due this year...
They keep me incredibly warm around the middle and way up my back. Albeit my silhouette goes very Michelin Man – but who cares when they keep you warm?

Warm sock are next on the list – and the Swedish army rules the roost in this case too. No wonder when you think about all those young men (and a few women…) who have trampled up and down the country in all sorts of weather.
So, my recommendations are wool-cotton mix socks closest to the skin and the Crown heavy white woollens on top – and you will withstand (almost) any temperature!
In the bottom of the picture is a sample of the MUST accessory this winter – my ice-dubs. Without them there is no way i had managed to walk to and fro the stables and paddocks when the roads were sheets of ice. And carrying water buckets without my winter tires – no way!

Vintage is fashionable – and I have certainly gone down that road too. 25 (-ish) years ago I tried my luck as a clothes importer. In a very small and amateurish scale, but still. The clothes I wanted to sell –Swanndri jackets, waistcoats and working shirts made from 100% wool in New Zeeland – were terrific – and my enthusiasm for the task equally so. But I think there was something missing in the marketing effort – or the killer sales instinct....So, the end of the story is that me and my immediate family since then is well stocked up on quality woollen wear. My Swanni waistcoat may be a bit worn but it is still the best thing to wear under ones jacket on a cold winters day. And almost in vogue – wouldn´t you say?

Finally – the most important thing of all – a good hat! I would gladly pay 2000SEK for this hat if it wasn´t already mine. Why? Because it stays on even when i bend down, it keeps my ears warm and it doesn´t slide up – or –down over my eyes. It is simply priceless.

The mittens are, again, from his Majesty’s store room. They are not the very best you can have – but they are cheap and cheerful. I can have three pairs in circulation at the same time so it doesn´t matter if Strimma loses one, I get two of them wet each day and Theo the horse tramples one down in a snow drift. Quantity before quality in this case!
And before we know it,  it will be time for the spring fashion – AT LAST!